Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's get it started

So we're new at this but after reading a few friends blogs I thought it'd be a great way to write things down when I need to!
As an intro (if you don't know me)
I'm Trudie, I'm 23 I live in New Plymouth with my parents and my 6 month old babyboy.

I'm not a flashy writer but I like to write poetry so I might include a bit of that along with usual ramblings of a SAHM.
I've recently started sewing so will keep you up to date with my creations

Also will be starting Zumba in a week or so so will also be keeping my weighloss progress on here. I'm on a mission to be a comfortable sz14 (currently a 16-18)

My baby's growth & development will be here too :-)

Anyway thats enough for now, catch you soon



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