Sunday, October 10, 2010

Offical Weigh In

Okay, here we go!
Weightloss begins here. Now. Today.

My current stats are
Weight - 117kg
Waist - 136cm
Booty - 129cm
Thigh - 77cm
Arm - 42cm
Calf - 46cm

Not going to bother with my chest as I'm breastfeeding so it's constantly changing.

My goal weight for now is 100kg. I'd love to see myself loosing some good cm's in my mesurments too but I don't really have a goal for them yet.

So far today I've resisted bakery food for lunch despite it being across from the Dr where I took the baby this morning. I walked to the Dr. 25min each way.
So, so far so good HAHA. Zumba'ing this afternoon.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's get it started

So we're new at this but after reading a few friends blogs I thought it'd be a great way to write things down when I need to!
As an intro (if you don't know me)
I'm Trudie, I'm 23 I live in New Plymouth with my parents and my 6 month old babyboy.

I'm not a flashy writer but I like to write poetry so I might include a bit of that along with usual ramblings of a SAHM.
I've recently started sewing so will keep you up to date with my creations

Also will be starting Zumba in a week or so so will also be keeping my weighloss progress on here. I'm on a mission to be a comfortable sz14 (currently a 16-18)

My baby's growth & development will be here too :-)

Anyway thats enough for now, catch you soon